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          Natural and Geographical Conditions| History of Changes and Development| Economic Structure | Well-known Products
          introduction of city
          Natural and Geographical Conditions
          History of Changes and Developme-nt
          Featured Natural Resources
          Economic Structure
          Historical Celebrities
          General Introduction of Counties an-d Districts
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          Natural and Geographical Conditions
                  Yingtan City, downriver of Xin River, locates in northeast of Jiangxi Province,with a longitude between 11641and 11730and a latitude between 2735and 2840. With its east and north bordering on Geyang,Qianshan,Wannian and Yugan of Shangrao City,south and west neighbouring to Jinxi, Zixi and Dongxiang of Fushun City...
            Urban Construction
          Photos Gallery
          General Introduction of Counties and Districts

          Cuisine more...
          Mushroom with Fresh Meat: A variety of mushroom in Dragon and Tiger Mountain is the natural food with rich nutritio-n. Coin mushroom....
          Guixi P...
          Monk Preserved Vegetable: It is made of preserved shepher-ds-purse. When preserved, it is kept with pepper, garli-c, poi, soybean, salt, a spot of s...
          Wick Ca...
          Wick Cake: Tieguai Li wick cake is the traditional snack, one of the four most famous cakes in Jiangxi Province. It is said that this cake is made wi...
          Winter ...
          Winter bamboo shoot bacon: A great quantity of bamboo grows in Dragon and Tiger Mountain, so high quality bamboo shoot is the traditional specialty. ...
          History of Changes and Development
            Yingtan has long history with excellent people and great landscape.
            Since the middle years in Shang Dynasty between 16th and 11th century,  it has become an important base for Chinese porcelain production(It was great response in Chinese

          Eye Glasses Market
          Town of Carvings
          Well-known Products
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